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Resident Evil 6 Game Review

Resident Evil 6. I believe I’ve waited about 3 years for this game to come out since beating Resident Evil.  I downloaded the demo right away and loved it. Unfortunately prior to the midnight release I read probably the worse game reviews I’ve ever seen. One video game site rated it 0.1 out of 10. How in the hell do you give a game a 0.1? The demo alone was atleast a 7.5...


NBA 2K13 Game Review

So October 2nd two great games dropped. Resident Evil 6 (review coming soon) and NBA 2K13.  It seems since 2K11 and having the Jordan challenge, the rival competition of NBA Live has fallen off. Maybe trying to regroup. 2K has other great sales tactics in the past like selling there game $20 cheaper than Live’s and I think it has now officially paid off. NBA 2k is now dominant.

Same gameplay as o...